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Managing the wind

Renewable energy is the energy of future: clean, environmentally friendly and safe. Green energy technologies have already outweighed other technologies by their price for installed capacity. RES already account for a significant share in the national energy system, and this share will grow. Amid this assumption, RES producers expect special attention from the state and favourable conditions for RES development.

The 2025 Kazakhstan Strategic Development Plan (Decree No. 636): “The Green Economy Concept is currently implemented and comprehensively addresses the transition to renewable energy and environmental protection. There is the goal to bring the share of alternative and renewable energy up to 50% by 2050.”

«Ergibay» Wind Farm


The total investment in the construction of the Ergibay Wind Farm will make up more than US$ 320 million.

As one of the benefits, the wind farm construction project will help create additional jobs for more than 400 people, which is always a priority for the social sector, since there is a positive effect resulting in the growing employment rate, falling unemployment rate, and the increasing incomes of the population. In the operation period, employment will have a permanent nature. Up to 50 people will be employed to service the wind farm.

Power Generating Capacity

The wind farm will generate 750 GWh of electric power annually, which can meet the electricity demand from millions of Kazakhstani families. As compared with coal-fired power plants of the same capacity, a wind farm can save 220,000 tonnes of coal, 2,500 tonnes of sulphur dioxide and 1,850 tonnes of nitrogen oxides annually, reduce carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) emissions by 550,000 tonnes, decrease smoke and dust emissions by 650 tonnes and minimise ash and slag emissions by 650 tonnes.

Environmental Protection

The electricity generated by wind is an environmentally friendly renewable energy source.
Wind turbines are installed in open spaces, which are unused desert lands.
Large-scale utilization of wind power can significantly reduce the need to use primary energy resources (coal, oil, natural gas) and, in such a way, reduce environmental problems.